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Guided and guided self-drive safaris in Namibia with your interests in mind

Here you will find a small selection of popular private safari tours in Namibia, which are available to you all year round. Any of these tours can be adjusted or combined to suit your requirements and interests. Should any of these tours not "tickle your fancy", kindly send me a message, and I will gladly compile a different itinerary for you. I shall endeavour to create your perfect private Namibian safari according to your taste and wishes. You are most welcome at Namibia Holidays Tours & Safaris.

Dune 45

Tour overview

My three-day Sossusvlei safari has been designed to give you an amazing experience at one of Namibia's prime destinations. A trip of only 350 km from Windhoek will take us to Sesriem and the "Sossusvlei Lodge", where we will spend our next two days. We will visit the world's highest sand dunes, and set foot in the world's oldest desert at Sesriem & Sossusvlei. There is a lot to see and to do in Sossusvlei. We can climb the famous Dune 45, take a 4x4 ride up the dunes and in the afternoon make an excursion to the "Sesriem Canyon". The late afternoon is perfect for a sunset walk into Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. We return to Windhoek on the third day, but taking a different route back.

Elephants At Waterhole

Tour overview

The three day Etosha safari is again, similar to the three-day Sossusvlei safari, designed to provide you with an exceptional experience of Namibia's great treasure the "Etosha National Park". We will travel from Windhoek to the Etosha National Park South entrance, where we will spend our first night at the "Taleni Etosha Village". The next day we will travel through the Etosha Park to the East side, where our second day and night will be at the "Mokuti Etiosha Lodge" before returning to Windhoek on the third day.


Tour overview

This tour is especially created for visitors who have little time available, but want to see three of the major attractions in Namibia. This tour will take us from Windhoek to the Etosha East side and the following day to the South side of the park. From there we will travel to the coastal town of Swakopmund where we will spend two days. On day five, we are on our way via Walvis Bay and Solitaire to reach Sesriem and our destination the "Sossusvlei Lodge", where will spend the last two days before returning to Windhoek.


Tour overview

On this wonderful ten-day tour, we travel north from Windhoek to reach the Mount Etjo Safari Lodge early. We will stay there for one night before heading in the morning to the eastern side of the Etosha National Park to arrive at the "Mokuti Etosha Lodge" at lunchtime, so we can make our first "Game Drive" in time. The next day we drive to the south side of the park to reach our next destination the "Taleni Etosha Village". The following day we leave the park through the "Galton Tor" and continue to the "Hobatere Lodge", which is located in the west outside the park. We have the opportunity to visit a Himba village before departing to Damaraland and the Twyfelfontein Lodge the next day. A short trip to the World Heritage Site (UNESCO World Heritage Site) with one of the richest rock art concentrations in Africa is part of the day. Now we head towards the coast to visit the good old German town Swakopmund, where we will spend the next two days with lots of fun and excursions. After some rest, we drive south to spend our last two days in Sesriem and Sossusvlei, where we visit Deadvlei Pan, Dune 45 and Sesriem Canyon before returning to Windhoek.

Kolmanskop German House

Tour overview

On this very extensive tour you will see some of the most important sights in Namibia. We drive south from Windhoek to spend our first night in the "Kalahari Anib Lodge", in the picturesque Kalahari Desert. The next day we are on the way to the Fish River Canyon and overnight in the "Canyon Roadhouse". We spend some time in the canyon, then we go to the coastal town of Lüderitz, where we reach the "Nest Hotel" in the late afternoon. We will stay there for two nights, explore the city and make trips to "Diaz Point" and the ghost town "Kolmanskop" among others. Our next destination in the north is Sossusvlei and the "Sossusvlei Lodge" our host for the next two nights. We will enjoy the beautiful dunes and the surrounding area after we return to the coast, but this time to Swakopmund, where we will stay again for two nights to explore the city and make other excursions. From here we drive inland to Damaraland, where we reach Twyfelfontein to visit the ancient Bushman rock engravings and spend the night in Twyfelfontein Country Lodge, heading north the next day. We arrive at noon at the "Hobatere Lodge" and have the chance to visit a Himba village. The next day we make our way to the south entrance of the Etosha National Park to reach the "Taleni Etosha Village" at noon. There we spend one night and drive to the east side of the park the next day to arrive at our next destination, the "Mokuti Etosha Lodge", where we stay one more night. We spend our last night in the luxurious "Mount Etjo Safari Lodge" before returning to Windhoek.